“The Stories of All of Us” are closed storytelling workshops for animal caregivers, animal advocates and animal rescuers who wish to develop tools for sharing about their experiences with animals and the human-animal bond. Participants learn about the power of storytelling and are given tools for creating a window through personal narrative to lead listeners on a journey of reflection on the rich emotional lives of animals and new perspectives. The workshops will be held at sanctuaries in NY and MA.



“Artists for Ahimsa” is an interactive arts project beginning during the month of our festival, to bring people together in compassionate community in the creation of art murals to support the work of animal sanctuaries, wildlife conservation, and animal rescue groups. The murals will be created and overseen by artist contributors who use their artistry for animal advocacy, vegan awareness, humane education, and holistic non-violence.



“Food Chain Re-Imagined” is a music, dance, poetry and theater project in development year round through workshops for launching a finished work at Compassion Arts Festival 2018.   Selections from this work in progress will be showcased at Compassion Arts & Culture and Animals Festival this year on Sunday 10/22/17 at 9:30pm.


The above workshops are projects of Compassion Arts. For information: