Compassion Arts & 
Culture and Animals Festival
Tickets on sale September 5th!
$20 in Advance/ $25 at Show
CLICK HERE for tickets
or visit Symphony Space Box Office
2537 Broadway at West 95th St, NYC

Event Schedule
Saturday, October 21st  1:45–3:30 pm
And the Hummingbird Says . . . .  (World Premiere)
by Mihoko Suzuki and Martin Rowe
Saturday, October 21st  7:30–10:30 pm
Tom Regan: A Life
with Dale Jamieson
Reflections on Beasts of Burden by Jane O’Hara
with Joy Askew and Gretchen Primack 
Captive by Jo-Anne McArthur
with Martin Rowe
Sunday, October 22nd  1:45–5:30 pm 
The Music of Michael Harren 
Kedi Film Documentary
with Ayten Alkan and Yanoula Athanassakis
Sunday, October 22nd  7:30–10:45 pm 
A Radio Play by John Yunker with Jasmin Singer, Mariann Sullivan, Eric Milano, and John Frusciante 
The Journeys of Abu’l Abbas and Al-Hindi
by Radhika Subramaniam 
Food Chain Re-Imagined by Compassion Arts
with Ellie Sarty and Donald Vincent
Proceeds from ticket sales to benefit the Culture & Animals Foundation