COMPASSION ARTS FESTIVAL 2015 “Sanctuary Arts Project”

Poster image on left  “Red Moon & Woman with Three Doves” from painting by artist Linda G. Fisher

Our first Compassion Arts Festival was started in 2015 through a series of concerts, presentations, and workshops that started Compassion Arts with the support of Unity of Central Mass. During this process, we partnered with the non-profit organization Earthlands. With the help of its founder Larry Buell, we began a six month program that we called Sanctuary Arts Project, for the purpose of creating an annual festival of the arts that would focus on humane education and cultivating compassion for animals and nature.  We were gifted a Tulip Tree by an Earthlands Collective member,  Infinite Trees Project, to mark the seeding of our festival and to set the intention for what had been a long-held dream for many decades. The tree was planted at Earthlands where it continues to grow in the beauty and nurturing of Earthland’s sacred and healing land.

In October 2015, we launched Compassion Arts Festival with ” Animals & Nature in Art”, a presentation event at the Worcester Art Museum; followed by a featured lecture Farm Sanctuary founder and author Gene Baur along with “We Animals”, a presentation by Martin Rowe on the photography of Jo-Anne McArthur. Our first gatherings were small but we were graced with the generosity of volunteers and esteemed presenters, many who traveled considerable distances or went to great lengths to work with us. Among these contributors, our 2015 featured presenters included:

Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary
Featured Guest Lecture & Discussion




Martin Rowe, Lantern Books
“We Animals” Presentation




Jane O’Hara, Artist
Worcester Art Museum Presenter




Kevin ArcherKevin Archer
Peace Meal Supper Club




Sarah Seabury Ward, Sculptor
Worcester Art Museum Presenter



Amina Silk & Arif Leinenger
Worcester Art Museum Presenters
& Dances of Universal Peace



Our deep gratitude also to the volunteers and supporters who are not mentioned above, who donated their time, talent, heart, resources and services to help bring the first festival to fruition and whose contributions made it possible. These angels of CAF’s beginnings include Laurie Johnston, Cimbria Baudenhausen , Zoe Weil, Rosalie Mycka, Mike Crehore, Lynne Robyn, Celia Watson, Alethea Pape, Gen Dedham, Dylan Howard, Jo-Ellen Stone, Rev. BJ Stannard, Nina Vecchi, Rachael Cobb, Patty Rossi, Cindy Sarty, Pat Sarty and our much beloved Jill Baldarelli.


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly” – Antoine St. Exupery